Tuesday, June 10, 2014

AeroMIDI price lowered to an astounding $9.99!

AeroMIDI can now be purchased on AeroMIDI.net or the AirSpace store for only $9.99!  <record scratch> What?  That's right....you can control MIDI and your music for the ridiculously low price of


We have also updated the version to 1.1 on AirSpace to be the latest and greatest and fixes the following issues:
  • Fix for selecting with the selection rectangle.  (Was not always selecting the cubes, even though they appeared to be selected.)
  • Drawing palms transparent for 5 seconds after removing a finger from the cube.  This is less distracting.
  • Added meters on the status bar so that it is easier to see where the various parameters are.
  • Was able to click through the windows on to other buttons
  • Can now toggle click action cards to bring their interface up or close it.
  • Fixed the Ableton training bug which relied on AeroMIDI sending CC messages with different values.  (Note that if you have version 1.0, you can train for Ableton in this workaround.)

Saturday, June 7, 2014

Human Electro & AeroMIDI

The incredible Human Electro, aka Ryo Fugimoto improvises with AeroMIDI, Abelton Live, KAOS Pad and his versatile voice.   In this case, Ryo is mainly using AeroMIDI to trigger notes in several axes, up/down and a tilt midi note trigger. Forward to 2:30 for the meat of the improvisation.

Looking forward to more amazing footage from Human Electro!