Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Experimenting with camera location

Hey there - MIDI controller aficionados,

For the next update of AeroMIDI, I am going to be experimenting with camera location and orientation.  The inclination to push through to a cube can sometimes be un-intuitive.  This is because the camera never changes its orientation and is always looking in the same direction.  Taking a cue from 3D video games, the camera is always in a follow mode behind the character.  I've tried this with a rough camera script and when the camera moves to the orientation of the finger/hand, AeroMIDI is more fun and feels more fluid.  The key is to get it to be smooth and feel natural.  Of course, this new camera mode will be an option in the settings, in case you love the current camera mode.  I hope to have a new build with this option by next week or so.

I must admit that I am new to 3D programming this year and have still got some of the kinks to work out.  If there is something that you feel could be improved, by all means write us via aeromidi@acoustica.com .

Also, we have been promised by the Leap Motion team that substantial improvements in finger persistence and skeletal tracking are coming in the future.  That will be nice.  Fingers crossed on that one. :)

Thanks for reading.  And here's to your success in 3D MIDI controllers, Leap Motion and AeroMIDI!  Cheers!

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