Friday, September 27, 2013

New AeroMIDI mode coming soon!

Hey there,

We are working on a new mode for AeroMIDI called "Hand Tracker" which tracks your hands/palms in space and will generate CC messages without having to be in cubes.

The upcoming version will have hand tracking in X,Y, Z, but will also track pitch, yaw and roll.  This will be an alternative or maybe even the default way to generate CC messages.  All the same range, snap and mapping modes will be available, as well.  This will make it easy to turn AeroMIDI into an simple controller that will not require you to be viewing the screen.

In addition, we have changed the way that the mapping modes work.  Instead of having 6 buttons with 3 different modes on each button, we have changed it to be toggles for the following: (linear, exponential fast, exponential slow, reverse and mirrored.)  This is much more intuitive and easier to work with.

There are many other changes and fixes which will be made available incrementally.

Thank you!


  1. Nikola, one of the features planned for a future version is to add textures. We will work on this. Thank you for your suggestion.

  2. Please give us:

    -Groups/layers of combined objects (with on/off switch for editing of overlapping and cascaded objects)

    -instant switching of presets, or access to multiple controller-layouts within one preset

    -Bank Select, PC, Sysex support

    -MIDI-Learn for CC

    -Multiple controllers on each axis ("smart knob” behaviour)

    -more object-shapes (sphere / cylinder),

    -Object tilting in 3D space

    -free camera-movement in edit mode

    -copy/paste function between presets

    -User-template/module library for object groups

    -Parameter Names of CC (predefined and custom) for Hardware Control

    -Edit-mode in “explosion-drawing” style for easy access of enclosed/layered objects

    -“offline”-edit mode in "List view”

    -more visual editing and labelling options of GUI

    -Support for multiple Leap-Units across several Screens