Tuesday, July 23, 2013

AeroMIDI first release!

The Leap Motion Controller been released and AeroMIDI is now available for download.  You may notice that the version is 0.89.   Since the software is manipulating cubes in 3D space, there are a few tweaks and adjustments that we will be making.  By all means, try out the demo/trial and send us your feedback.

Download the AeroMIDI trial here

Here are some of the things we have fixed/changed that will show up in the next version:
  • Time persistent walls.  When pushing against a wall in a cube and then moving to an adjacent cube, it was possible to forget that the actual location of the finger would have been further out in Z-depth.  The finger was simply constrained and then when the finger moved out of the cube, it was freed and zoomed out of range.  The new code allows any walls to persist for 200 milliseconds once the finger has left a cube.  This allows for smooth cube transitioning as expected.
  • There is a crashing bug related to an anti-virus.  We are awaiting a bug fix there from the Unity 3D developers.
  • There was a bug in MIDI output where AeroMIDI is sending a note off before a note on, causing some synths to be silent.

As this is new technology and a new way to explore MIDI, we encourage you to send in your projects, videos and ideas.  Of course, please send any bug reports to ambugs@acoustica.com

Thank you!

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