Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Mac download or install damaged? Not.

We have discovered a download/install issue with our Mac version of AeroMIDI.  The problem is that the security settings on the Mac might be defaulted to not allow software downloads from companies other than Apple or identified developers. 

If you get the message "Aeromidi is damaged and should be moved to the trash" then you are encountering this problem. 

Its not really damaged.  This is Apple’s security measures that prevent you from running applications that aren't directly from Apple’s store.  In order to get passed this go to your System Preferences > Security & Privacy.  Click the lock icon to unlock it.  Enter your password and switch to “Allow Apps from ANYWHERE”.  After this, you will be able to install it.  Reset your Security & Privacy to the proper level if desired.

We will work on becoming an accepted Apple developer. But, in the meantime, this is a solution.


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